Distracted Driving Costs Not Only Money, It Costs Lives

Talking on your cell phone or texting can lead to an accident. If you’re lucky enough not to get into an accident, but you’re spotted, prepare for a fine of tens of thousands of dollars, and a 10-point safety rating reduction for each violation. Ask yourself: «Does it make sense to take that risk?» Today we’re going to talk about how to stay focused on your driving.

Don’t look at objects on the road

Billboards and other such objects are intended to attract attention. But truck drivers should try not to read information from billboards. Remember that an accident can happen just because of two seconds of inattention. Pay attention only to what you need to drive — road signs, traffic lights, other vehicles, etc.

Don’t call or text

Holding a smartphone in your hand while driving is prohibited for commercial truck drivers. Calling from a cell phone is just as dangerous as texting. If you need to reach someone, stop and do so.

Don’t use dispatching equipment

We’re talking about mobile (portable) data terminals that are used to communicate with dispatchers, navigate the road and keep documentation. Even though a message sent through dispatch equipment may be urgent, don’t read it. Otherwise your eyes, hands, and mind will be distracted from driving.

Don’t eat or drink

Eat and drink in advance — before you leave for work and during breaks. By the way, experts from NHTSA conducted a study that found that eating and drinking while driving carries an even greater risk than a cell phone.

Don’t work too much

HOS report the maximum amount of time drivers are allowed to work. They include not only the time of driving itself, but also the number and length of rest periods. No one would argue that fatigued drivers have a higher risk of an accident. Therefore, in the United States, all commercial truck drivers must follow FMCSA regulations regarding HOS. Transportation companies have a responsibility to provide rest between shifts.

Stay home if you have consumed alcohol or drugs

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a gross violation of the law. Such drivers are more easily distracted by road events, light patterns and, worst of all, are subject to a kind of «road hypnosis» — such as watching falling raindrops or flakes of snow.

Following these rules ensures that you get a high DOT rating and, most importantly, save your life and the lives of those around you.

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