The Importance of DOT Reports for a Freight Broker

Reputation isn’t just important to a freight broker: it plays a major role in the success of their business. So if you sign a contract with a carrier that has safety concerns, you’re taking a risk. That risk may not pay off and could lead to a real disaster. Especially if this approach to work is practiced all the time.

What to do?

Be sure to negotiate with a carrier that has a proven high DOT rating, and only then make a deal. DOT reports act as a guarantee that the work will be done in accordance with all U.S. regulations and, therefore, without damage to your brand.

Working with unqualified carriers increases the risk of a complaint and a lawsuit against you.

Why is carrier vetting a problem for a freight broker?

When you’re a freight broker, literally every minute is money to you. The more good freight you can accept, the more money you make.

In this situation, it’s not surprising that many freight brokers ignore the need to check carriers, hoping to just get lucky. In addition, storing DOT reports even in computer programs creates additional difficulties — increased paperwork.

The way out is the use of special automation services. For example, Carrier Monitoring from truckstop

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